All dog walking services include an initial meet and greet with you and your dog and a discussion of what you require and what we can offer.  All free of charge.

Dogs need to be walked regularly and don't like being left alone all day which is why we come in, to offer you assistance, should you be working, busy or unable to walk them yourselves.  

We will visit your home, office or wherever your dog is and take them out for a walk, play and give them lots of love and attention.

We also offer house visits and garden plays/let outs for those dogs that are unable to go out walking for whatever reason.

Puppy visits also can be arranged where we pop in, play and let your puppy out on your garden.


30 minute walk - £8

1 hour walk - £12

extra dog from same household £2

Puppy/household visit:

15 mins  £5

30 mins £7

We can also pick up post, open and close curtains, feed the dogs etc while we are there should you require.

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